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Dec 26, 2012 2:30pm PST
ownership laws. >> a former convict in new york state has killed two firemen, apparently loring the firefighters by starting a blaze. a body found at his home is believed to be that of his sister. >> police investigating the murder say the man was in possession of several weapons. >> the convicted felon is thought to have set his own home on fire on christmas eve. when firefighters responded, he allegedly shot them. police fired back. >> got to be a rifle or a shotgun, high-powered. >> two firefighters died, and two were seriously injured in the combat-style ambush. investigators found a typed message. >> "i still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood i can burn down and do what i like doing best -- killing people." >> the shooting comes amid a renewed debate in the u.s. over gun ownership rights and just 10 days after a school shooting rampage in connecticut. as has happened after other recent shooting sprees, sales of assault-style rifles have seen a spike in gun shops since the massacre. many buyers seem to fear the weapons will be banned and want to get one l
Dec 10, 2012 6:30pm PST
accidente lore portÓ y de sdri be lo que encontrÓ en medio de matorrales. >>> tira dos pedazos, todo este lado pero no la movimos. >>> el aviÓn tuvo descenso abrupto, hasta desplomarse en esta montaÑa el capitan, jorge caballero con 30 aÑos de experiencia y conocÍa al piloto, quien como coman daba el aviÓn. . >>> hacen sus examenes mÉdico el piloto puede volar hasta que quiera retirarse, oh que tenga problemas de salud que le impida continuar volando. >>> por quÉ no hay registro de llamada de emergencia. >>> porque fue algo que tuvo el 3i8 piloto que tomar una acciÓn de inmediato no hubo tiempo de mencionar algo ma emergencia. >>> el aviÓn quedo pulverizado no hay fuz lage hay pedazos regados en radio de 300 metros cuauh drardz. >>> celulares, identificaciones, igual, pedazos de cuerpo. >>> de tras de estas montaÑas aquÍ en iturbide en la zona de bÚsqueda, hay un cordÓn donde no pasa nadie, sÓlo los militares y tambiÉn policÍas federales donde estÁn haciendo investigaciones, hay que seÑalar que por el clima que pueden ver, esta intensa neblina se han parado las labores r
Nov 30, 2012 4:00pm PST
it is loring a couple of lakes by releasing some of the waufrment gerngs that flood watch in effect. whoos happen happening bill: i tell you thatdrainage space took a lot of water over night and early this morning. up to seven inches ofrain in parts of the north bachlt wind gusts to 86 miles per hour and at that flood watch continues for the cushion river. it's going to get real high as we head into sunday night and monday. two inches nearly inoakland and about 1.3 nv inches is san jose . we're get a breakright now and going to get a lit of a break tomorrow 6789 check out the storm report. this isimpressive. this area righthere, you're going to get a storm report here. 8.8 inches inches was rortded about #15k this morning. these are actual stormreports from observers on the ground >> when i come back, we're get the break, that's good news. there's another big storm headed our way. we'll have the detailson that and see you fwhak just a bit >> the pack 12 championship game is coming up between stanford sxd ucla. i just chekd ktvu traffic, but as you get closer to the stadium, traffic is ge
Dec 7, 2012 12:00pm PST
. live in san mateo lore rang belong co. ktvu news. >>> -- lorraine blanco. >> ccf needs 30,000 full time students to get full state funding. it had 32,600 last year and will fall short again this year. that could mean less funding. possibly resulting in fewer class offerings and layoffs. >> although enrollment is low, it has a lot to do with the idea of when people here, they automatically think they are going to go some place else. as faculty, we are trying to get the word out that school is still open. >> enrollment is part of the problem. they are facing a march 15th deadline as well to show it made the changes required to keep its accreditation. >>> we are learning new details about a story at 4:30. oakland police say eight people are in custody after they served search warrants overnight. they were taken into custody for various offenses including illegal firearm possession and rifle and handgun were also seized. >>> a christian youth group was left scrambling after becoming crime victims on the trip to fort lauderdale, florida. they arrived for a youth conference. they stopped
Dec 2, 2012 7:00pm PST
really did something wrong and up should do something about, i'm not sure you should be any lore limited engaging in that discussion than under other regs regarding how other complaints are handled. even if these are a more public -- this is certainly a more publicly known complaint than a complaint handled elsewhere. but if someone knows about it and someone wants to engage and they are not representing a party, and we're not barring that communication with respect to a different type of complaint. i don't know why you would have a higher standard here? maybe it was just the language "any member of public." i guess that is too subject to interception. thanks. >> so what does the commission think about the ex parte language? was there a reason we didn't follow the language from the regs? >> we definitely wanted to make it clear who the commission shouldn't be talking to and we just presumed that you would follow the rules that you can't speak to more than one of you as a normal matter of course. so we deposit specifically identify that commissions couldn't speak to each other. there
Dec 14, 2012 3:00pm PST
going on. perhaps even worse than san francisco or oakland or san jose, but i can't rest on the lores that we might be better in employment. we might be better not having that many homicides but we lost a lot of the african-american community in the last 10-20 years. we lost the redevelopment agency that gave a lot of promises. i am trying to keep those promises, but i've got to find more and better ways to interrupt the violence, and i want today to register a personal appeal to our religious leaders to help me do that, find ways. i suspect it's not about money. it's not about numbers of jobs. it's about who we talk about and who we relate to, and how can we penetrate barriers or vacuums where there is no conversations going on? how do we talk to kids that don't have a mother or father? who are they talking with? how do we talk with their aunts or grandparents or brothers or sisters and tell them that we care and get them into a conversation with us. how about putting down the guns? what is it that they need from us to assure them that we have a safe passage for them to be
Dec 1, 2012 2:30pm EST
in term of the ordinary capability. what is more excited when we build the railroad. there's a lot of lore and movies made. what happens when you build a railroad the land on other side of the railroad, the land around the railroad station gets valuable. you can provide services now that you couldn't provide before. it's the next generation. when we build on the side of the telecommunications highway. mobile health, mobile banks, a whole array of services that we can cannot deliver because we are using frontier technology. it's powerful thing. it will have leg for the next twenty years not to mention everything et. cetera that my friend pert talk abouts in the book. it creates so many possibilities. >> who is "the coming prosperity" written for? >> well,, you know, it's written for the folks watching this show. general audience in the united states but globally. i start in the u.s. i end in the u.s. i feel as though the story is particularly needed in the united states. i don't believe that people in pakistan, or china need hear this because they see it. even though pakistan has struggled
Dec 26, 2012 5:00am PST
cuts go into a affect. and they hit a 20 month low against the toll lore, japan also swore in a new prime minister and he is promising to drive his country out of inflation. most of the other countries were flat and major european markets remain closed for their extended holiday. here it is on monday, everything was down but futures are moving higher and we are waiting for numbers on the housing market but those are expected to be good. trading volume is still light but the fiscal cliff deadline still approaches. >>> she saved two girls and now some positive news for the hero dog, how her health has improved. >>> and more from the tsunami, the washington shore and we have some concerns about it. >>> and you will wake up while you were sleeping it was sent straight to you and you can get your morning wake-up call by texting 70123. . >>> well check out this boat, it is believed to have washed out to sea during the japanese tsunami. it washed ashore and crabs and mussels also showed up and it's concerned it could hurt native species. they will contact the consulate and they will find o
Dec 22, 2012 2:00pm PST
christmas. brianna key lore keilar in honolulu. what happens now, is it at a standoff or are the lines of communication open during the holidays? >> well, right now, the lines of communication are open, certainly between president obama and the white house. and not necessarily speaker boehner, although there is some sort of lines of communication. but really, the ball is not in boehner's court anymore. it is president obama talking to the senate. he's talking to the senate democratic leader, harry reed, talking to move forward with some sort of smaller package to avert those tax hikes that are set to kick in. and obviously there's going to need to be some buy-in from the senate minority leader, republican mitch mcconnell. so that's where things stand. and president obama is actually hopeful that something could still be pulled off. listen. >> nobody can get 100% of what they want. and this is not simply a contest between parties in terms of who looks good and who doesn't. call me a hopeless optimist. but i actually still think we can get it done. >> reporter: now, of course, if the sen
Dec 23, 2012 9:15am EST
in place. so it became part of pentagon lore. along, a long, convoluted answer to your question, but that was it. please. >> you go to the first sergeant, you say this is, that was my assignment. please select, because they knew more than i did about their own men, and i had a whole battalion to pick from. so we were able to get some pretty good people. generally, they did their duty. nobody lost their cool. we had two, one or two close, close incidents thereafter in front of the cafeteria, i found out. while we hated the marshals, the deputy marshals, the civilians running around in blue suits, they had regard for us because we wore a uniform. part of the tradition of the south, patriotism first. so they didn't have -- give us too much trouble, but once in a while, once in a while they did. but it was, again, the book is dedicated to my battalion members because they were an army out of place, and they performed so well. >> what i'm trying to say, though, is i'm not sure that would be the case today. >> no. >> if the peanut patrol were born today, somebody would say the followi
FOX Business
Dec 13, 2012 4:00pm EST
the electricity? >> the reason we don't have sew lore power right now is that tesla is not yet a good enough credit. [laughter] i know that sounds ridiculous. i think at some point next year, i'm confident we'll have that in tesla. liz: two employees doing something like this today, the fiscal cliff, you know, maybe that's the reason there was not as much interest. do you see like that or perhaps why you had to cup the price cup, 15 range to $8. >> i personally thing it's overblown. i don't think it's the reason why we had to take the reduction in the price. it's purely just before the fact that everybody's been built so badly with anything associated with solar, and it is -- liz: solyndra all the other problems. >> general manufacturing publicly traded companies. every time they made the bet, and they've lost, the last three years, and then you go to them again saying this time it's a different bet. no, this is the right bet. they want to make sure it's the right bet. liz: the fiscal cliff, did it play into why solar city cut its price? >> i think it was a minor factor. i think the larger f
FOX Business
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
. generation for america president chuck woolery, yes, that chuck woolery of game show lore, is here to explain why. >>> a group of democratic heavyweights one up the president's fiscal cliff plan. forget hitting the rich. alcohol, cigarettes, online gambling, nothing is safe. will the payoff be worth of the pain? we'll debate it. >>> are the salvation army bell ringer jobs only for sexy ladies. one man claims he was fired to make way for beautiful women. is it unfair or good business? even when they say it's not it is always about "money." melissa: all right. first let's take a look at the day's market headlines. you would think the markets would stop getting faked out by the fiscal cliff optimism, would you? but apparently not. that and better than expected data from the service sector sent the dow to a one-month high. >> it was a different story for the nasdaq weighed down by tumbling shares of apple. it had a 6 1/2% decline there and it is the biggest one day loss in four years. fears are growing that the ipad could be losing market share to android based tablets. >>> layoffs music to the e
FOX News
Dec 9, 2012 5:00pm PST
's frustrating to me, that's correct. but there's probably a lore important point about the product and that is that our government is making it difficult for us compete. and the tax policy, president obama is telling small business people like myself, he's going to help out by raising taxes. . the only way is to invest in equipment and fuel costs the same, electricity costs the same. the only way i can have more is to have better equipment. the only way to invest is to be profitable and removes small profits and unable to-- wage gross decreases. >> a lot of businesses seem to do okay. ge didn't pay any taxes, so biggest organizations are finding ways to be circumvent the complexities of tax keyed. as a small business operator, do you get to do those things? >> when president obama came to hat field, pennsylvania, down the street, about a week ago,way discovered by the press and we nigheeded to have plan, and there was almost no press coverage at all. your point is exactly correct. small businesses have nothing except the press out fit and the story that you're telling is that small
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
to paint over the red. the other big bill show coresponse order, loring speed camera fines, it passed last night. more that tonight at 6 and hearing from the mayor, shawn. back to you. >> thank you. >>> and a bank was evacuated when someone tried to blow up the atm. sky fox is over the scene in shelton boulevard. someone called to report a explosion overnight. security video later conern -- confirmed an explosive device went off around 4 a.m. the atm was scotched to damage and still functions. police evacuated the bank and northbound homes this afternoon after a dog detected a possible second device behind the bank. they gave us the all clear a short time later. >>> a developing story in maryland. a 34-year-old man is dead and his 54-year-old brother hurts after they were apparently intensionally run over this morning in gaithersburg. police found the car that hit them and now they trying to figure out who was driving it. paul wagner has more on the investigation. >> reporter: when police first began investigating the case early this morning, it looked like it cou be a classic hit and run.
Dec 6, 2012 12:00am PST
. >> family lore. >> and i am one of his bastard children. >> but no, we always used to come to see them, they lived -- [ applause ] it's great. i love this town. >> jimmy: stephen, you have any -- >> i've been to brooklyn before. >> jimmy: you have. >> yeah. >> his people are the people that let my people into the country. his people, they were -- >> i think we were the ones that tried to keep you out. >> oh, that's right. that's what it was. i knew it was one or the other. i knew they met us at the dock. i just wasn't sure if they gave us one of these or one of these. >> my earliest new york relative got off the boat the day before the draft riot in 1863. they were irish potato famine people. came over here and they immediately said, let's burn this mother down. >> jimmy: who do you think is going to win the election? do you have a gut feeling? >> i think jon is. i think it's jon. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i mean, out of the two guys that are running. >> i'll be honest with you, i have not been following it. [ laughter ] so, i'm -- i'm always excited with this stuff, just tune
Dec 21, 2012 4:00pm EST
there will be a solution. it might take a little more time. i'm not going lore a grand bargain next week nor am i looking for the collapse of any negotiations, but i think there will always be a compromise and with a comp mooig mice comes opportunity. >> it's amazing to me, though, that this is taking so much time. dean, do you think we've seen an impact to the economy going into 2013 as a result of anticipation and inability on the part of or r on the part of business executives to put plans in place, hire new folks because they don't know what their tax rates are going to be, they don't know what's happening in washington? has it already taken an impact? >> i think that's fair to say. we have seen capital spending be weaker than it would have been otherwise if there hadn't been these worries about the fiscal cliff. i think that the worry, though, that the economy was going to tank in the second half of the year, something like 1% that many people were expecting, that's proving not to be true. and the key reason why is that consumer spending is holding in quite well. consumers tend to not to try to fore
Dec 16, 2012 12:00pm PST
several studies of criminal behavior. show that people who are autistic are no lore likely to be criminals than anyone else. are we as people start to talk about the impacts of this disorder, are we off-base? i think first of all, in my experience, i've been involved with criminal justice for 28 years, in my experience, autism and asperger's syndrome have only entered freight a few times in that entire period of time. i don't think it is a major contributing factor. other than the fact that it may have been something that helped to isolate him. he may have had psychological undiagnosed psychological problems, mental illnesses. in fact, schizophrenia most of the time shows up in late adolescence, early 20s there are things that obviously could have happened. there needs to be more investigation into his mental status. >> so many questions unanswered today, jim, thank you. a the newtown tragedy has a lot of people asking about how safe their children are and what can be done to make children safer at school. experts say that they could get some help from their cell phones this is serious, we
Dec 15, 2012 8:00pm EST
airborne in the 101st but the peanut patrol would stay in place so it became part of pentagon lore, a long convoluted answer to your question. please. >> the fact that you selected your team -- [inaudible] to work and disasters around the world in the time of vietnam with the u.s. military. i remember seeing a situation where the commander gets to actually pick the right people. i don't believe that exists any more. >> this was my assignment. please select, but they knew more about it than i did. i had the whole battalion so we were able to get pretty good people. generally, they did this and nobody lost their cool. we had one or two close incidents thereafter in front of the cafeteria. while they hated the marshals, the deputy marshals, civilians running random blue suits they had a regard for us because we wore uniform. part of the tradition of the south. patriotism first, so they didn't give us too much trouble but once in a while, once in while they did. it was again, the book is dedicated to my battalion members because they were in army out of place and they perform so well. >> i am
Dec 24, 2012 3:00pm EST
on pain of death you must never reveal any of the secrets of et -- et cetera lore. how do i prove the society and means 6 organization if nobody is never going to mention it? now, i was sure that in the hull of the amistad i was sure it was a displaced society meeting and deciding whether to declare war and seize the vessel, but i couldn't prove it. for the longest time, i couldn't prove it, but i finally found two pieces of evidence that convinced me it was a poro meeting. the first written by a missionary when they returned back to sierra leone, a moment of truth because the africans were going assure, and there were many of their own people, mendi, kono and others there to greet them, and what they began to do is shed their western clothing. now, this really upset the missionaries. this was the reversion to heathenism. this was awful, but something else was going on. they didn't take off the clothes to defy the missionary, but in order to show everybody their country marks, the ritual scarifications they had which showed which ethnic national group nay -- they were a member of.
Dec 6, 2012 12:00am PST
. and eventually, you know, lore has it became a publicity thing and he became sense at this to it. put the kibosh on it because he worked hard to educate himself and felt that people were making fun of him. >> joy: i don't think people understand how he made it to hollywood. this is one of the most successful hollywood -- i guess he was the head of the studio. >> yeah, he had a very, very long career. he came to america at age 15 from poland, alone with no money with one suit of clothes on his back that he had borrowed from his uncle and walked on foot from eastern europe, he made his way to england where he had a relative, an uncle and he scraped together enough money to get steerage on the bottom of a boat to canada and then walked from labrador to new york city and then worked in a glove factory and became a glove salesman. quite a successful glove salesman until about age 30 discovered the early movies and said that's the future and changed businesses. >> joy: it is an unbelievable story. all of those guys have stories
FOX Business
Dec 3, 2012 4:00pm EST
to close lore. didn't see any news pop, but i guess can investors still feeling bullish on facebook. david: the market, unfortunately, is trading down into the final mooents of trading as we hear the bell. right now the dow about 60 to the downside. let's take a look at all the indices, and we see red, red, red, red, it's not a good day to begin the trading week. we see similar losses percentage wise on both the dow and the percentage point. nasdaq down but a little less so, and the one that's hurting the least in this market are the small anddmid sized caps represented by the russell 2000. but, again, all the indices in the red. >> and that'll be a close for the dow below 13,000, seems to have a really hard time at those levels. we also had action in the currency pits as the u.s. dollar weakened on optimism over greek and chinese data. the move cement the euro to a -- sent the euro to a six week high. david: let's talk copper for the moment, of course, that's really tied into world growth. it climb today a six week high. this is on signs that there may be some more demand coming for the m
Dec 26, 2012 4:00am PST
of american lore? this is the kind of story that's screaming to be told in history books and to have been made into a movie years ago. >> that's a hard question to answer. by the time 1997 rolled around, the hostage crisis wasn't what it was. and the hostage crisis was, you know, terribly disappointing and upsetting and a real national downer. that's one of the reasons why i love this story because, you know, in america, we don't always get things right. we don't always have good news on. but this is one of the times where we got it right. our people did it right. i think it's amazing. i just think it took a while for this to resurface because have in their consciousness all kinds of things that are happening in the present day. >> how hard was this for mendez to sell to the bureaucracy that i'm going to l.a. we're going to pretend we're making a film. they had to be rolling their eyes. >> he had, interestingly enough, he had been working historically with this guy john chambers who won the first oscar for "makeup" and "planet of the apes." this guy looked just like john goodman. he had been w
Dec 27, 2012 2:00pm PST
that was never going to happen anyway. that and other lore lights there 2012 in the "sideshow." >>> and finally lly hopes for hopes for the upcoming year, especially from the president. this is "hardball," the place for politics. [ male announcer ] feeling like a shadow of your former self? c'mon, michael! get in the game! [ male announcer ] don't have the hops for hoops with your buddies? lost your appetite for romance? and your mood is on its way down. you might not just be getting older. you might have a treatable condition called low testosterone or low t. millions of men, forty-five or older, may have low t. so talk to your doctor about low t. hey, michael! [ male announcer ] and step out of the shadows. hi! how are you? be governed by sharia law, have for politics. >>> massachusetts congressman ed markey announced today his candidacy for the united states senate seat held by john kerry who president obama has nominated for secretary of state. markey is a friend and respected guest on "hardball" and has been in the house since 1976. he's the dean of the massachusetts delegation and he has
Dec 21, 2012 11:00pm PST
. the hugeness of a folkloric legend. and the of mix that, also, with negro folk lore from the time,. powerless animal able to triumph it over with cunning guile. >> rose: what connects your movies? is there some common demom they were the in all them? >> i don't know if i'm the best person to say that. it's more of an analysis thing for somebody else. i'm not ready quite actually to look at that. one commonality that happens-- i'm not trying to do it, it just end up becoming the character' character's mode operandi, i think it's safe to say all my kierkz apt least somebody in the movie-- are really good actors. they're always playing a role. they're always doing some sort of weird undercover-up thing pretending to be somebody they're not. they're putting on an act of some sort to get what they need done. they're pretending to be somebody else. and they pull it off with complete aplumb. hey' goodat it. >> rose: clint eastwood is a hero of yours but not because of his acting, per se, but because he's a filmmaker. because he gets the business side. > side. >> if you're talking about him in the do
Dec 3, 2012 4:00am EST
, as well. still to come, caps lore has admitted that it's taking longer than he thought to bring down the country's debt levels. we'll talk about that. >>> chinese factories pick up the pace hitting multimonth highs, both in expansion territory. rhetoric ahead of the banking union. says the euro should be traded within the block and not the city of london. and white house and congress may need to call the auto club to jump-start budget talks which has stalled on discussions over taxes. plus singapore airlines confirms it is in talks to sell its 49% stake in virgin atlantic. reports suggest delta amongst the front runners. equities up in the month of november. ahead of the u.s. open, up by a quarter percent for the ftse. quarter for the ibex, as well. by and large the pmi numbers have been slightly better than expected. the revision on the eurozone pmi aunt wasn't on the headline composite number, but new orders were a little bit better. still a long way away from the 6% mark. gilt yields steady. manufacturing pmi better than expected. euro-dollar hit a six week high. dollar kren moyen
FOX News
Dec 12, 2012 10:00am PST
the contest. >> there is supposed to element of whole lore of the show is surprise. megyn: how does that hurt the element of surprise? only producers are not surprised. >> these storage lockers are abandoned by other american citizens. you don't know if there is garbage or bmw. megyn: is this consumer fraud, jonna, this is not what it purports to be? >> hang on. i'm sure all the bidders are getting paid to be on the show, number one. i don't watch it very much but i don't think these auctions are open to the general public. like being on a closed set. megyn: but they're telling us it is something other than what it is this plaintiff's allegation. they're misleading us and a matter of public policy when an employees goes in and objects to misleading the public, as a matter of public policy that would not fly. >> that is his biggest argument. >> i don't think this is a matter of public policy even if the producers were creating the whole storage area, right, if actors for lack of a better word, bidders don't know that and they go and they're bidding how does that affect anything? megyn: he is a
Dec 7, 2012 4:00am PST
deck down to the lore concolawyer concrete. >> here is video of last night's games before the game. this happened around 5:30 p.m.. the alameda county sheriff's department they're handling the investigation. at this point they are saying he felt but they're also reports that he possibly jumped. at this point also it will take a bit of time before they come back with the result. obviously, they want to talk to him if he pulls through as well as friends at the stadium with him at the time. the oakland raiders are not commenting. they are saying they are letting the investigators handled the job. all they are saying is that their thoughts and prayers are with the man. they are not identify anything at this point. >> unfortunately we lost will will get more about the morning. >> the supreme court is set to meet behind closed doors again to consider reviewing the legal issues regarding same-sex marriage. that includes a cellist california's proposition 8. it court refused to review proposition 8 same-sex marriages will be legal in california and same-sex met couple's could marry as soon
Dec 8, 2012 7:00am PST
on the middle class. the democratic controlled senate has approved a plan. o obamas as a house bill lores rates for the wealthiest americans, instead of raising them as he has proposed. >> this is the only way to put our economy without asking more. this is the only plan that i am willing to sign. >> for the gop, florida senator marco rubio says tax increases will not solve the nation's 16 trillion dollar debt. he says the only way to do that is through economic growth and reform of entitlement programs. rubio says that limited government can help restore the middle class. >> be extra careful of side due to the fog. this is a view from our mt. tam and there is fog in the midst of clouds. it is partly cloudy. it is mostly sunny conditions for the afternoon. clear skies are expected for the afternoon. it take a look at the yellow on your spring this is where the dense fog advisory has been issued. this is set to expire about 11:00 a.m.. napa as well as fairfield are affected by this dense fog. you can see where this is sitting in the north bay as well as the bay shore area. by 10:00 a.m. we are e
Dec 12, 2012 5:00pm PST
day experience will no doubt become a part of the families lore. the favor waitering in the new year is with kron4. the biggest party and spectacular fireworks will be part of the show hosted by catherine heenan gary radnich. tonight at 6:00 arrest made in the murder of a 17 year- old football player, two years after his death. plus a high speed chains a loss and less. we will show you the dramatic ending as a suspect abandoned his car and tries to out run police. coming up at 6. >> live look at our roof cam from downtown san francisco. clear sky tonight and i will lead to very low temperatures. [ male announcer ] steak and lobster is on the menu at sizzler. a fresh-cut tri tip sirloin served with a succulent lobster tail. just $16.99. sizzler. (male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news this is clearly very brutal and what it looks like to us is that they knew each other. this was not a random act. >> the district attorney speaking out about the case were to be were bound and gagged bag and left alive i san francisco street. the man who was left died. the woman
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